the simple formula for business growth

Seminar "The Scaleup Formula"

Holiday Inn Reading South (M4 J11)

Feeling frustrated?

Seems like nothing gets done unless you do it yourself?

Feeling that things will only get tougher as times get more difficult?

Are you starting to feel frustrated by all the things that need your personal attention to keep your business moving forward?

Are you worried that you personally have to work harder and harder for each additional bit of business growth?

Are you concerned that your costs are going up while your prices are staying the same?

Are you worried that you can't seem to get more from your employees without getting on their back and yet the only way to grow your business is to take on more (and more expensive) staff?

Do you feel irritated that your staff don't share your passion for your business, or understand commercial realities?

Are you tempted to restrict growth and accept lower profits until things get better?  Any idea when (or if) that will happen?

Do you feel that your business is reaching a ceiling?

This seminar will show you how to make some simple changes to the way you do things that mean you are less overworked, you are no longer the bottleneck to growth and your employees are more productive so you can grow revenues and profits without adding more employees.

Why Do You Need The Scaleup Formula©?

Most small businesses fail to reach their potential. Instead, they get stuck at a level determined by the owner’s capacity to deal with things personally, whether that is customer issues, employee problems, operational decisions or any of the multitude of things that can consume your time. Most business owners struggle to delegate effectively – often this is described as “being unable to let go”.

Most SMEs are operating well below the level of productivity they could be achieving* and so have an inbuilt opportunity to achieve more revenue with the same number of employees.

The Scaleup Formula© is a simple technique to help you overcome this barrier and make your business more profitable – easier to run and grow. It is a methodology developed by working with hundreds of business owners over thousands of manhours.

In the seminar you'll learn a simple three-step approach to get much more from your employees, reduce the demands on your time and produce consistent, high-quality results for your customers. Using the seminar workbook you''ll apply the formula to your own business and leave with an action plan to implement straight away.

We'll illustrate how to take immediate and effective action by discussing real-world examples of how business owners made this change in their business.

Invest a few hours in making your business easier to run and grow.

Places are limited to maximise everyone's involvement so so register now to avoid disappointment.

*McKinsey "Solving the United Kingdom's Productivity Puzzle in a Digital Age", Sept 2018